Saturday, December 2, 2017

Columbia Library will close for 4 months; Bookmobile will visit twice a month

From the Columbia Public Library Newsletter – December 2017:

I’ll get right to the heart of the matter. December 31 brings us to a critical point in our construction. Due to our total remodel, our collection will be packed and stored. We will need to completely close the library for approximately four months. This is necessary for the safety of everyone.

As you can imagine, this was a very hard decision for our Board of Directors to make. But it is the safest, most expeditious way to get our new library up and running by next summer.

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries has granted us a closure period from January 2 through May 19. If construction personnel are permitted unrestricted access during this time period, our new building should be ready to go by summer!

Thank you for your understanding during this period. We will indeed reap the rewards of our beautiful new library (with expanded children’s wing, children’s computers, and a reading terrace) when this is all behind us!

Of course, we want to provide as much library service as possible during this time period. Here are the logistics:

The Bookmobile will be visiting twice a month beginning January 9.
It will be staffed by Miss Lisa and Mr. Ed. The Bookmobile will be parked in front of St. John’s Church on Sixth Street on Tuesday, January 9. Hours are 11 AM to 1 PM. These hours allow us to also visit Head Start and St. Anne’s.

On Saturday, January 27, the Bookmobile will be in front of the Columbia Public Library from 9 AM until noon.
I’ll be working as needed from an office at the Library System of Lancaster County, processing new items as they come in and providing some (not all!) bestsellers via the Bookmobile Stops twice a month.

Bookmobile Hours: Second Tuesday of Each Month, 11 AM to 1 PM

Fourth Saturday of each month from 9 AM to noon.

No Bookmobile visits in inclement weather.

Other options if the Bookmobile doesn’t work out for you:

Visit Mountville Library (717-285-3231) or Milanof-Schock Library in Mount Joy (717-653-1510).

Circulations here at CPL Building

Last day for checkouts from this building will be December 15.

Last day NEW books will be delivered to this building will be December 10.

I will be able to provide a limited number of new bestsellers on both monthly Bookmobile stops.

What’s going to happen to the books?

They will be packed and put into a new storage unit until construction is complete.

Where will the computers go?

They will be stored at the LSLC System offices.

What about the Book Drop?

It will be checked regularly. Anything in it will be taken to the Mountville Library for check in. After check in, it will be sent back to the owning library. Columbia items will be sent to me at LSLC to be stored.

How do I place holds?

Remember, Columbia items will be in storage. Lisa will transfer as many as possible to other libraries. Please do NOT choose “Columbia” as your pick-up location! You may either choose another library nearby OR pick them up from the Bookmobile. Please remember, the Bookmobile is only here second Tuesday over lunch hour and fourth Saturday morning. You may need to wait a bit longer to get your item. We appreciate your patience. During my hours at LSLC, I’ll be calling or emailing those who have placed holds regarding where to pick them up.

Are there computers on the Bookmobile?


Will your wi-fi be running?

No. Remember, Burger King and McDonalds provide free wi-fi.

What about Summer Reading 2018?

It is ON!! I’ll be working on planning programming for the summer, and distribution of reading logs happens AFTER we re-open.

We truly appreciate your patience in all of this. The payoff will be a beautiful improved library this summer!

I am sure that many other questions will arise. Please let me know of them and I will do my best to find the answer.

But we still have the month of December!


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Why sad? Its being done for the safety of anyone who would normally use the library. The new library will be bigger and better. Give change a chance.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading on the terrace this summer.