Monday, December 25, 2017

About Town

'Tis the season...

Santa watching the skies

 Frosty painting the railings

 All the flagpoles are in at the bridge plaza.

 Sun-kissed snowflake

 Bridge lights

 A lot of snowflakes but not quite a blizzard

 Is this the bicycle "beam-up" zone?

 Christmas icons at the Lazy K

 More propaganda from the Williams Company

 There they go in the land of commerciality.

 The Columbia Fire Company needs volunteers.

 Night lights by day

 Santa welcoming you at Hermansader's

 Cellar grate spirit

 Christmas books at Mullen Books
(First block of Walnut)

 Out for a Christmas Eve drive

 Stars and STRIPS

 A unique snowman - and a unique way to recycle tires
(North 2nd)

 You know who they are.
(At the Knights of Columbus)

 Another unique snowman

 Christmas flowers on North 4th

 There's a nasty little tripping hazard.
(Along 462, near Columbia Plaza)

 Construction continues at the library.

 Another painted rock
(St. John's Lutheran)


 Tree lights

 All lit up on South 15th

 Santa with offering

 Santa and reindeer conspiring to keep the secret from Mrs. Claus over who knocked over that candlestick.

 Attack of the clones?
(Twin sheep and twin people)

 Santa welcomes you.

 Electric flag

 Santa has been militarized.

 Where's the other eight?

 Christmas lights on North 5th

(St. James Lutheran)

All lit up
(The tower at General Shannon's house)


Unknown said...

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A sign of the times when the baby Jesus is wired.

Joe Lintner said...

Thanks Teresa

Anonymous said...

Failing to see propaganda in the Williams truck. It's called truth.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the corporation took (yes, they took) rightful owner's land so they can send fuel overseas and line their wallets. The corporation is not our friend and they lie to the public. This pipeline is not benefiting us and in fact is detrimental to us.

Anonymous said...

Stop watching CNN!