Monday, December 18, 2017

About Town

Recent pics around Columbia...

 If you've a mind, keep it open, if you've a mind to.
(200 block of Locust)

Students cleaned up Locust Street Park recently.

The hole in the awning has been covered.

A tractor-trailer going the wrong way at Bridge and Route 441

The driver must have gotten confused and exited through the entrance to the 441 bypass.

It's a confused and confusing intersection.

After briefly blocking traffic on Bridge Street, the driver drove onto an adjoining property before continuing on 441.

Winter preview

 Santa with backpack full of gifts at Shupp's Barber Shop

 New this year: wreath atop the tree at Locust Street Park

 3 nutcrackers at Burning Bridge Antiques

 4 chimneys on North Second

 A flock of seagulls

 A murder of crows

 A pair of bald eagles on the hunt above River Park

 Here's one of them.

 Santa and helper at Hinkle's

 Waiting for a hookup

 Newly placed meters on porches

Wreaths at Mount Bethel
A ceremony was held last Saturday, but wreaths had not arrived.
Wreaths will be laid this coming Saturday, December 23, at 10 a.m.

"Veteran" from World War I, "The War to End All Wars."


 River ice

 Starting to freeze

 Hawk eyeing possibilities

 Some folks are using softener salt as ice melt. It'll work, but it takes longer than sidewalk salt and is more expensive.

Rocky's BBQ - Sold Out!!

First snowfall of the season

Tree lights on Chestnut

The Nutcrackers at night

Santa at Burning Bridge


 Wreaths at 308 Locust (Borough Hall)

 Santa at Rose's Deli

 Betty Boop at Butcher's Tattoo Shop

Lying down, looking up

A slightly different representation

Night lights


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Very good pictures

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Great Pics as always, thanks.

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Awesome and beautiful pictures.

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Awesome and beautiful pictures.