Sunday, December 3, 2017

About Town

Recent pics around the town...

A property owner on North 9th is protesting the lack of a police dog on the force. The truth behind why we don't have one is different from the official version given at a recent public meeting. In fact, the truth behind other issues in town differs from the official versions.

 But right now, we're not about to stir up those hornet's nests, like this one on the 300 block of Walnut. Someone might get mad at the truth and call us negative.

 However, there's no denying the fact that we have a major drug problem in town, as evidenced by the recent spate of ODs, and discarded syringes - like this one near the bridge plaza.

 So, is Columbia rising from the ashes or fading into the dust? 

We'll leave those controversies for now and rise above it all, like this plane over River Park last week.

Speaking of River Park, here's a guy sealing the concrete at Columbia Crossing for about $8,000.

And here's an artist at work down along the tracks.

There's a lion on South 2nd attired for the upcoming winter weather.

Seen from the 200 block of Avenue I - a novel way to board up your windows.

There's a watcher on South 4th.
Speaking of watchers, surveillance cameras are keeping an eye on us.
(Sorry - we couldn't avoid controversy after all.)
At a recent meeting, the mayor said there are "exactly 50" such cameras in the borough. On our leisurely strolls through town, we spotted about 18 in plain sight. A former borough official believes there are about 20. So what about the other 30? Are they "covert"? Who monitors them? Or is this another case of the truth not agreeing with the "official version"?

But here's a positive: Work continues at 301 Locust.

The unseasonably warm weather has brought many folks out and about.

Is there a new business on the 300 block of Locust?

The new old bridge lights installed a few years ago are holding up nicely.

Near miss or near hit?

A castle of silver and gold? No, it's just that place on the hill across the river, reflecting in the afternoon sun.

Master butcher

A painting of the Grinch takes shape on South 4th.

But here's the real one in the window of Tacos To Go.
We understand the Grinch heartily supports the "tax reform" bill just passed by Republicans.

And here's Rudolph, whose nose will be turned off next year to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. Sorry, Rudolph!

Artist John Morrow crafted this mayfly-themed bike rack based on a winning drawing by third-grader Bella Gentile. The rack will eventually find its way in front of Columbia Crossing at Columbia River Park.

Winterish sky over Chestnut Street.
Temps are supposed to plunge by next weekend.

Atmospheric histrionics at sunset

The sun looks just like a ball of glowing gas, which, in fact, it is.

Rudeness at Rotary

These arrows at the top of the high school hill are now barely discernible.

And here's the result: downhill the wrong way

Tribute to a fallen vet at Laurel Hill Cemetery


Anonymous said...

there SHOULD be at the very least 2 POLICE K -9 's. and us taxp[ayers SHOULD have a say about it too.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Frank Doutrich!!