Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Was trick-or-treat candy tampered with?

Columbia Borough Police received one report of possibly tainted candy that was received during trick-or-treating last night. The candy in question is a miniature Nestle Butterfinger bar in a yellow and blue wrapper. A parent noticed an apparent puncture in the packaging and upon opening the package, saw a hole in the bar with a dark red substance around the hole. The parent believes the candy bar was received while trick-or-treating between 6th St. and 9th St. and between Locust and Chestnut St. People are encouraged to carefully inspect all candy for damaged packaging or suspicious substances.

Source: Columbia Borough Police Department


  1. Hope not..I've been pigging out on my grand kids stash all day

  2. It's probably a false claim. If it happened it would be so sad.