Friday, November 17, 2017

Columbia Market House to close in December, but its future is uncertain

The decision to close the market was made in the early fall, with the goal of allowing for some much-needed renovations, Pamela Williams, borough councilwoman, said. The renovations included a new paint job, new lighting and an undetermined decision for something to be done with the tapered brick floor.


Anonymous said...

the historic market house belongs to every single taxpaying homeowner inthe borough. you have NO RIGHT TO SELL IT. IF you had the right person running it and NO trust, it would be a successful market. markets are OPEN ONE DAY A WEEK FROM 6 AM TO 7 PM ONLY!!! NOT 10-3. what a joke. market should be used for community events, classes, gatherings, special events such as the long gone craft show for the halloween parade for thursday and friday. and if you seriously want to bring more money in the downtown hire Chris Vera. also, start walking tours, tours of old historic bldgs with a storied past...much like gettysburg. people LOVE that kind of stuff. you know how successful the walking tour is in october when they take you to the old cemetary etc. theres history here and money to be made. FIRST, CLEAN UP THE TOWN. WE NEED ZERO TOLERANCE FOR Punk gangs, thugs breaking into vehicles etc.

Anonymous said...

we need a good steak house