Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Columbia Borough to discuss slot machine expansion

The legislation committee meeting in Columbia — which follows the safety committee meeting this Wednesday at 6 p.m. — is the first public forum to discuss the matter, Sahd said, "providing some direction for either slot-machine expansion or to opt-out of its expansion or for no action."


ColumbiaPa said...

I bet some l.e.d. signs will follow suite!

Anonymous said...

Columbia was born and raised on Red Light Districts, Slot Machines, Booze and Marijuana, and dirty politics. Let's keep the ball rolling and bring it all back to the extent that the law allows ! Hat's off to the good old days !!

Anonymous said...

I can see the future "The Market House Casino". Plenty of expansion room when the boro offices move out of the municipal building.

Eric J. White said...

I know a great Highly Visible location!