Sunday, November 26, 2017

About Town

 Something's been added at 301 Locust...

 ...a MonograM, one on each side of COLUMBIA.

Meanwhile, down at the bridge, foundation sleeves - four on each side of the plaza (north and south) - have been placed in preparation for flagpole installation.

According to the Community Development Committee, lighting will also be installed at the site. Memorial bricks will be sold over the winter, and brick paths will be laid in spring of 2018. Bricks will be $50 each, the cost of which will include an inscription honoring/memorializing a veteran. Landscaping will also be completed in the spring. A dedication ceremony is scheduled for Memorial Day 2018.

Heritage Drive just got a security fence, to the delight of cottage owners, because it makes their private tract even more of a cloistered community.

In fact, here's the bluebird of happiness sitting on the selfsame fence.

 Oversized bit ring on South 3rd

A different kind of pipeline project, ongoing for the past several weeks and causing traffic delays on Route 441 through Washington Borough.

 Stringing lights at Locust Street Park

 The tree lighting will be on Sunday, December 10.

 Auction at Hinkle's coming up 

 8 pumpkins on 4 steps

 Even the moose knows which way the wind blows in this town.

More inane graffiti - this time at the old chip factory

 Here's a closeup.

 Here are some golden icons at Burning Bridge Antiques.

 119 years young...

 Cortney Fry memorial at the Columbia Presbyterian Church

 Stringing lights on the other tree...

 ...over at Holy Trinity Church.

A long way up

Slab on the 400 block of Avenue G, still for sale - $124,900. It's all that's left of an apartment building that burned down in September 2015.


 Still not stitched.

 More from Morrow
(Metal sculpture by artist John Morrow)

 Down on the 300 block of Locust

 Watching over the town

 Another of Columbia's historic mansions - 855 Chestnut

 Missing sign, twisted signpost

 A furry fencepost?

 Nope, just an interloper at a game of hide & seek

 Bad connection at the Water Compnay

 Clear water alongshore

 A drawing of a moose wearing a blanket?

 Steel magnolias

 Crafted from teaspoons

 Bell tower at NAWCC

 Feral on the 400 block of Avenue I

 Juvenile red-tailed hawk

 Is that a game of tic-tac-toe forming in the sky?

 They're still there: unattended gas cans - not empty - on the 300 block of Avenue H.
What could go wrong?

 Snowflake but no lamp

Back in the day...

 Walking and...stalking?

 Go your own way...

There's usually a lot of air traffic over Columbia.

 Like the sign says...

 Cryptic message above Miles Bixler's office.
(26.2 miles is the distance of a marathon. Is someone telling us they participated?)

 Junk pulled from under the street on 7th

 Junk pulled from under the street on the 600 block of Maple

 A view downriver, with Lloyd Mifflin-like background

Holy Trinity Church

At the Hyperbaric Oxygenation Center on North 6th.
Don't even think of smoking here.


 Or break-out?

 The loose drawer is on this mausoleum at Laurel Hill Cemetery

 141 Walnut Street, currently borough-owned...

...but soon to be a parking lot.

And last but not least...

Things we wish we hadn't heard but were overheard from the booth next to us at Hinkle's restaurant recently:

"I don't know if they'd feel comfortable with her vibrations and vampirism."

"We had a great Thanksgiving: full of controversy, arguments, fighting."

"She went out with a guy and he wanted her to move in with him. On one date. He was 79."

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