Monday, November 13, 2017

About Town

Recent pics around town...

To start things off, here's an abundance of seagulls in all their Hitchcockian splendor...

Here's another type of bird - the iron-winged variety - at the Lloyd Mifflin House.

The other town clock, at 5th and Chestnut. 
But look at that sky!

 The police pulled over an oversized load on the 200 block of Union Street last week. The truck was carrying huge steel beams.

Down in a hole

 Down in a hole digging a hole

 Unfinished business

 Respect for the flag

 If you doubt that corporations run our country, here are three reasons to believe otherwise.

 Bell on the 400 block of Chestnut

 They're starting to add up.


 3 "punkins"

 Looks like fall has fallen.

 Silver trim

The backstory on the town square

Go HERE for the "before" version - fourth picture down.


 Bird feeder, creatively done, at Columbia River Park

 Waiting for the other shoe to drop?

 Bridge over untroubled waters

 Armed Forces flags at Bootleg Antiques

 "Signature" of a sidewalk artist, as in one who has poured a sidewalk.

 Here's another one.

111 years ago
How the time flies

 Hinkles sign at the high school, along with some unattended mop handles

Construction on 7th 

And here's two more for Veterans Day...


Anonymous said...

What is the Hinkles sign doing at the high school does someone have a answer

Joe Lintner said...

The Hinkles sign is an advertising sign that hung on the fence near the top of the high school hill.

Brian Long said...

It's appropriate that the US military branch seals are correctly displayed. The order is left to right; top to bottom by order of establishment. Well done whomever was in charge of the dedication plaque in the last photo. So many times they're improperly positioned.