Sunday, November 5, 2017

About Town

Recent pics from around town...

Sometimes you just need an ear to chew on.

Cry of the Columbia taxpayer


 Columbia Crossing getting hosed

There are those lines again, which means UGI will be tearing up our streets again. And here's what those colors mean again:

 That's no way to treat a flag.

 Pretty good guidelines

 The banner belongs to this church.

 Elaborate brickwork down at the Tollbooth building

 Hats off . . .

 There's that trailer again at the former Prudhomme's.

 SOL: Spice Of Life

 Time to retire or replace these old signs

3 lights

 First across the bridge on Saturday morning's run

 Baby on board

 Runner with stroller
 It got a bit crowded out there.

Runners running in the run

 Superman - here to save Columbia?

 Mr. & Mrs. House Sparrow

 Sick starling

 Ticket time

 How to shrink-wrap a boat

 On the lookout, or looking to get out?

 New coffee shop on Locust:
"The Spot"

 Grand opening was Saturday, November 4.

 Betty Boop

Dress for walking the streets at night


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the new coffee shop!!!

Anonymous said...

Are any of the streets that are getting torn up new streets that were repaired??