Monday, October 16, 2017

The continuing quest for the elusive Albatwitch

It all began - fittingly enough - on Albatwitch Day this past Saturday afternoon...

 Intrepid albatwitch hunter Walter Bosch made ready to hunt the elusive beast... albatwitch shirts sold out...

  ...and a cereal killer lurked.

 A sample of dessicated albatwitch meat was offered, the soporific effects of which rendered the camera woozy, thus eliciting this blurry shot.

 Bob Hammer hung out in style at his gallery...

...while John Morrow posed with his self portrait - but which is the self and which is the portrait?

 And then, the trolley materialized from out of the mist.

Driver Andre Underhill awaited the boarding of passengers...

...including the hunter himself, off to his next adventure. 

 The trolley's destination: Chickies Rock Park, site of hauntings and other paranormal events. There, tour guide Chris Vera regaled the crowd with lurid tales of albatwitchery.

With apples in tow, he described the creature's insatiable appetite for the delectable fruit.

 At his command, the crowd fired a volley of apples over the hill in an attempt to lure the mystical creature.

 Suddenly, the hunter spied the prey and drew his gun of finest pine...

...only to have the albatwitch galumph away in delirious laughter.
Foiled again!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always