Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Seen on Halloween: A House of Horrors in Columbia

The following photos were taken at a "house of horrors" at 750 Ridge Avenue today (October 31).


Anonymous said...

These decorations are out of this world, the Homeowner should be commended for his display. To you Homeowners You did a job that is AWESOME for this occasion. THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

This is a super cool display and lots of work to set up. It sounds like the man in charge is teaching his grandson to carry on the tradition, so we will look forward to seeing it again next year!

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

this display gets better every year, i go there every halloween just to say what new props are there! Great Job Bob Mimnall!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay...rip it down...time to put of the Christmas decorations!!!

Unknown said...

always have someone who does not have any Halloween spirit and always has to make a negative response and of course they are anonymous

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

No negativity intended. Just anxious to see what's coming next!