Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Denlinger to be next Borough Manager

Rebecca Denlinger
[2017 Columbia Spy file photo]

Rebecca Denlinger is on track to becoming Columbia's next borough manager. In a unanimous vote Monday night, Columbia Borough Council hired Denlinger as a full-time Community/Economic Development Director/Assistant Borough Manager, effective January 1, 2018. From there, she will assume the position of Borough Manager on January 1, 2019. She currently serves Columbia as an independent contractor with her company Rising Tide Collaborative, LLC, in the position of Economic Development Coordinator.

Denlinger will stay at her current salary of $65,000 throughout 2018 but will get a boost to $95,000 annually as borough manager. Beginning in 2018, her compensation package will also include fringe benefits.

Denlinger holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Delaware, and a Master’s in Public Administration from Penn State. She has worked with the Elizabethtown Area Chamber of Commerce, Rettew Associates, Inc., and the Lancaster County Planning Commission and has also served as a consultant for Marietta Borough this year.

At Monday night's council meeting, Council President Kelly Murphy said Denlinger will assume the position of Borough Manager at the end of 2018, because current Borough Manager Greg Sahd has indicated "he is looking to retire" at that time.


Anonymous said...

It's about time this Borough put a Woman in charge !, things are going to change now !!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to hear the council president say that there's currently a handful of older employees that could walk in, at any time, and turn in their two weeks notice. This sounded like age discrimination. Council wants to have people trained and ready to jump into a potentially vacant position. I wonder how they would feel if their employer began training someone to take over their position in case they decide to turn in their notice. Most people would feel threatened, like their job was in jeopardy. Anyone young or old could for a variety of reasons quit, even without notice. The impression was that the opening for a borough manager will not be advertised to the public because it takes too long to find a suitable applicant and Ms. Denlinger already knows Columbia.

Anonymous said...

The salary is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Can someone enlighten me as to why in a small town someone is getting paid $95,000.00? I can see in Lancaster perhaps, but Columbia, seriously?

Anonymous said...

to have the job the person should have to live in town

Anonymous said...

she brings ideas from her other consulting jobs and presents them as her ideas