Monday, October 30, 2017

About Town

Recent pics about town...

 The trolley made an appearance on the day of the Halloween parade.

 Here's a hawk looking down on us humans.

 State police were present along Route 462 at the pipeline site last Friday.

 Mission accomplished, out of here

 Mark Clatterbuck, founder of Lancaster Against Pipelines, at the chapel next to the pipeline site

 At the chapel

 A cause

 And another

 What type of bird is this?

 Weather vane to tell which way the wind blows at borough hall

 Wrong way parking.
Oh well, it's Columbia.

 Slab for vendors under Columbia Crossing

 Cormorant on the Susquehanna.
Another example of our plentiful wildlife.

 Free hot dogs and fries at United Methodist Church.
The church offered the free goodies every Saturday in October.

 There's the sign.

 Ernie StrongBear was at the Columbia Market House last Saturday.

He performed several Native American dances, wearing full regalia representing his culture.

Ernie StrongBear is from the Cherokee Native American Tribe. We're told he was present at a protest a few months ago to protect Native American burial grounds from the advancing pipeline project. 

 And here's the infamous pipeline snaking across a field belonging to the Adorers of the Blood of Christ that was taken by Williams Partners through court-sanctioned land theft (that is, a corruption of the concept of eminent domain).

 This is a field between Route 462 and Route 30 where the pipeline will continue.

 Here's another view of the pipeline.

 A billboard near on North Third street, near Burger King

 Meanwhile, at Columbia River Park - what's up?

 Deer meat?

 Will this mural disappear in 2018?
The backstory is HERE.

 Still there on the 200 block of Walnut, as it has been for many weeks

Part of the old Columbia

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