Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Vintage Chevys roll into town at NAWCC

The Columbia Watch and Clock Museum welcomed visitors on Tuesday morning, September 12, 2017. Nothing unusual there? Well, the visitors were all driving antique cars. About 45 vintage model Chevrolets. They are members of the "Vintage Chevrolet Club of America."

The club began in California in 1961. All of the vehicles are from the years 1929-1954 and are all six-cylinder engines. The oldest model in the group was a 1930's car out of Ohio.

Most of the folks drove their vehicles to Denver, PA where they are staying for this trip. Reportedly, 10-12 chose to trailer their cars to Denver and then drive them locally. The car that came the farthest is from Illinois.

The group plans to tour the Watch and Clock Museum followed by the Turkey Hill Experience.

Chuck Gibson, a National Board Member (Area 8 North Central), organized the trip. Mr. Gibson, as well as others in attendance, were happy to answer questions and talk about their cars. The shine on each vehicle reflected the enthusiasm of their prized possessions.

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Kerry Glenn said...

As a V.C.C.A. member, I was an honor to welcome the fellow members there.