Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Storm Issues: What you should do


On 09-05-17 between the hours of 5PM and 9PM the police department responded to approx. 42 calls for service. Most of these calls where storm damage related and will require outside assistance from PennDOT, PPL and other utility companies prior to the Public Works Department being able to remove some of the trees from the roadways. The Public Works Department has placed barricades blocking several streets in town as of this time (9:50PM).

Please be cautious walking around in the dark because there are plenty of places that wires are on the ground or near the ground. The proper authorities have been contacted for all known issues as of this posting. If you notice an issue that has not been resolved and no barricades are in the area, please contact the proper authority for the issue.

The Public Works Department will not cut trees up that are hanging in wires. They will also not remove trees that are on private property. After the safety hazard is removed the Public Works Department will take care of issues that are blocking streets. If a tree or debris is on the sidewalk the property owner will need to take care of this. If you see an issue with damage to a structure, the property owner will also need to take care of this. If a structural issue is a safety hazard please contact the Codes Department at 717-684-2467.

Source: Columbia Borough Police Department

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