Friday, September 8, 2017

Property line dispute concerns school district officials

School district officials are concerned about an apparent property line dispute between the school district and an adjacent property owner. The property owner recently barred access to a long-used path behind the tennis courts at the high school by cordoning it off and posting "No trespassing" signs.

Columbia cross country coach and school board director Charles Leader brought the matter to the board's attention at its Committee of the Whole meeting Thursday night. He said he found the six-foot wide path blocked off a few days ago. Leader is concerned that blocking the path will interfere with Columbia's first home race scheduled for next Tuesday. The path is part of the race circuit. He believes changing the route with such short notice will be unfair to the other schools competing - Donegal and Northern Lebanon.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Hollister acknowledged that there is some disagreement about where the property line is but added that the matter will be addressed. "As soon as we know where our property line is for sure, we can do something," Hollister said.

The property owner is reportedly in the process of selling the property.


  1. I'd like to see a story about the Hotel Columbia/Locust. A few years back there was hype about them being redeveloped, but they have just been left to rot. Why isn't the CEDC doing something with them? I've seen people looking at them, but they remain a blight on the community.

  2. This is absolutely very true they remain basically an eyesore and right in the exact area that they want to make so much better. For years they just sit idle and vacant. We are paying for two services to improve that area, the consultant and the CEDC. Where's the results?

    Combine their annual salaries and Hotel Locust could be cleaned up enough to make a presentable appearance at least from the street view.

  3. How about the Borough stop giving money to the CEDC. They do nothing for this community and what are they doing with the money they are given?

  4. I noticed the CEDC enjoys incredible tax breaks on their properties while everyone else enjoys an overwhelming increase...........BOOOOOO.....