Tuesday, September 12, 2017

'I don't like cops,' Columbia teen accused of trying to kill police officers says in video


  1. Have fun rotting in jail. Loser.

  2. Im not understanding how they were shooting at the police when they were found sleeping in the house

  3. They started shooting around 3 am and went on for several hours. When it started to get light, they stopped and hid at the aunt's house. The family turned them in. When police went to the home to question them, they found the pair sleeping and the rifle. The pair both made statements about the shooting. Search the previous articles for the exact timeline.

    1. That still dont answer how they were shooting at cops they were sleeping when cops got there

  4. Oh yea, your right, they are innocent. Those racist cops are making this all up to put them in jail. Its amazing how stupid some human beings are