Saturday, September 9, 2017

Elanco, Columbia school districts will no longer share superintendent, ending 1-year partnership

                         Dr. Robert Hollister
                    [Columbia Spy file photo]

The Eastern Lancaster County School District will no longer share its superintendent with Columbia's schools, ending the first such partnership of its kind in the state.
Superintendent Bob Hollister will return to Elanco full-time beginning in January, officials in the Columbia School District announced at a school board meeting Thursday night.


  1. Good for Columbia no great lose maybe someone with a high paying job that he should never have had will have to start looking for a new job

  2. Good news. Take Strickler along to Elaco too Never presented supporting documentation of the money we saved. Probably because we didn't. Smoke and mirrors. PS keep him off the School Board too!

  3. It is clearly illegal for Columbia to hire Strickler for any position. The Pa. State law is clear on this , not open to interpretation. The only reason he was able to work here at all is that he was hired by Elanco. He was their employee..we were paying them to pay him, thus circumventing the law.

  4. This agreement would have been very helpful to our district if Hollister would have chosen a qualified and certified assistant superintendent rather than Strickler.....the blame for the failure of this agreeement could easily be placed on that choice.