Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Elanco, Columbia administrators look at what worked, what didn't in 1-year partnership sharing superintendent

The Elanco school board on Monday unanimously approved new shared services agreements with Columbia, extending each service except that of Superintendent Bob Hollister and Columbia's director of operations, Tom Strickler.

Columbia's finances are more secure than they were a year ago.

But with major changes coming down the pike, one question remains: Was it worth it?


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Anonymous said...

Statements made in this article ,once again, appear to dance around the truth.

Many think that Elanco was not given correct information before the agreement started.

The seemingly cozy relationship that provided a job for the Director at a ridiculous salary appeared to be a problem from the start for an almost bankrupt District.

Where in Pa. schools history has the school board president been installed into a paid position in a manner which appears to circumvent State law ? Wasn't there a qualified and certified person available for this critical position?

The recent history of your town's school board with it's resignations and questionable appointments does not lead to success for dedicated staff or students and unfortunately sends a negative message.

As other districts watch these questionable tactics and yet know that your District needs help, they may be reluctant to become involved until honest , steady progress is displayed.