Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Columbia fixes up, cleans up, digs up

Folks took advantage of the warm weather over the past few days to get out and about to fix up, clean up and dig up around town...

There was a JLG on high at 3rd & Locust.

 And a pressure washing project at 4th & Locust.

 And an "Amish" high and dry, aloof on a roof at South 2nd & Cherry.

 There were guys in white looking up ladders on North 3rd.

 Here are some of the bricks that were collected.

And here's a longer view.
And there's another JLG.

 And there are the guys taking down the bricks.

Just up the block - yes, another JLG

And there's the driver.

 And there he goes.

The self-storage project along Front Street appears to be done.

Rewiring was being done yesterday on North 4th.

UGI was digging up the 500 block of Walnut to install new services and redo old mains. Workers will be proceeding to various locations around town shortly for more of the same.

The building at North 2nd & Walnut was being scraped and painted.

And even the giant cow was getting a "makeover"!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Cole! You never disappoint.