Sunday, September 24, 2017

About Town

Recent pics from about town...

 Sign down!

 Man down!

 Here we go again.


 Some sort of flag statement?

 Speaking of flags, would anyone salute this abomination?

Chauffeur-driven dogmobile


 This old farmhouse at Cloverton Drive and Kinderhook Road...

 ...has been condemned.

 Signs have been taped to the property...

 ...stating that it's an unlawful structure.



 Heritage Drive has been paved.

 A view from the Union Street end.


 House of Cutz has left the building.

 Newly laid memorial walk at Mount Bethel

 Golden cross at Mount Bethel
Does Indiana Jones know?

 Outta here

 Bug-encrusted old-timey lamp fixture at the Lancaster General Hospital Susquehanna Division - site of the former Columbia Hospital.

 Another one

 Black cat with green eyes on Purples Lane

 Creative use of a skid

 The former mattress store building at Front & Bridge is for sale.

 Like the sign says

 Just one problem - No roof!


 Off to the trail!

 Heron unintimidated by boaters

 A victim of the lug "nut" who's been loosening lugs around town?

 Pressure washing at 4th & Locust

 Trouble right here in River City?
"We've surely got trouble!
Right here in River City,
Right here!
Gotta figger out a way
To keep the young ones moral after school!
Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble..."
- "Ya got Trouble" from The Music Man

 Showing off?
Vultures do this to dry and warm their wings and to get rid of bugs and bacteria.

 That's a lot of stick figures.

United Arab Emirates in our airspace.
What could possibly go wrong?

 Long distance shot of a hot-air balloon dangling...a fish?

 Some folks take two parking spaces.
Fortunately, it was a Sunday.
Unfortunately, there were only a few spaces available.

 New sign?


 Cleaning up items at the former Prudhomme's

 Pressure washing


 Formerly Prudhomme's. Before that, the Rising Sun Hotel.


 Columbia loves JLG lifts.
Keep an eye on that tanker truck on the far right, going up Locust.

 There it is, on its way up 441. Instead of using the Route 441 bypass, it wound its way through town via the usual route - right onto Locust, left onto Third - crowding the intersection in the process and rattling homes along the way. 

 At the church/business/...residence? at 6th & Chestnut


In St. Pete's parking lot... 
(submitted photos)


Anonymous said...

On south bound RT 441, there have been 2 "No Trucks" signs posted at 3rd and Linden and 3rd and Chestnut. Both on the south west corners of the intersections. Just placed last week. Also noticed one on Maple St between 2nd and 3rd.

Anonymous said...

I noticed today a "No Truck" sign at the bottom of Locust Street meaning no trucks should be turning of Route 441 on Locust Street. As I was noticing the sign, I watched a large truck, which was traveling north on Route 441, make the right turn onto Locust Street past the sign. I guess it will take time and enforcement to get the point across!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Madar finally lost his business for not paying his taxes!

Lori Schmitt said...

Hello... looking for some historical help.. Purchased an old sign that states "1st and 3rd Thursdays 6:30 pm at the Rising Sun Hotel." anyone know of what this might be referencing? Thanks so much!