Sunday, September 3, 2017

About Town

This week's pics from around Columbia...

Well, not exactly in Columbia.
This photo of Darryl Strawberry was taken at Clipper Stadium on Sunday, September 3.

 Take a load off - several loads, in fact.

 Out for a ride

 Drying t-shirts, old school

 Door knocker on the 200 block of Locust

 Throwing your butts on the ground is still littering.

 Wrong way - down the high school hill.


 Shadow of something looming

 Wrightsville isn't the only place with falling bridge parts.
This shot was taken at Columbia River Park.

 Bald cypress growing nicely

 Jerry Heads at Columbia Creative Factory

 Morning glow

 Home of the Slender Man?

 Cowboy with green face.
Could his name be Moss Hart?

 Ascending glories

Cups "For Payback Money" and some not-too-bad drawings


 Prodding, poking...

 And pointing.

Reflecting on the next step


 Mattress madness!

 These mattresses and bed parts were sitting on the sidewalk on the 200 block of Locust on Friday.

 Some folks took some of them away.

 Many mattresses were sitting out.

 They were marked "free."

 Inside, the former mattress store was empty.
The Venues nightclub previously occupied this space.

Over on Avenue I, this mattress is still there - as it has been for at least a month.


 A lion lurks on Walnut.
He was recently shaved - but for comfort, or for style?

 The tail tells the tale.

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle,
The lion sleeps tonight."

 Meanwhile, down at Take Away Refuse...

 There are several cats that might be ferals.

 Some are shyer than others.


 Still more sticker shock


 Armageddon is right around the corner.

 That's right, you can't just go building right onto someone's building.

 That's quite a list of violations over on 3rd Street.

 Here's the new name of the former Cherry Street Guest Home.

 Not a bad idea

 Notice of delinquent taxes on the door of 337 Cherry.
Brian K. Fake is listed as the owner. He is also listed as one of the owners of 134 North 3rd Street, which was recently condemned.
Columbia Spy reported on the story HERE.
Workers have been repairing the 3rd Street property over the past month.

 Mi s ng message?

 Sign on South 5th

 So... how fast are we allowed to go?

 He also barks his fool head off when you walk past the gate.

 This is the North 6th Street property where the grass is rarely mowed.

There it is now - and there's the grass.



 Thinking - a lost art?

"Weird" could also be a reason FOR touching.


 Just when the mayflies are finally gone...

The dragons invade!


 The Susquehanna Mirror

 Scads of scum

The Campfire Girls must have been here.


The end 
Of the trolley
At least for this season


Anonymous said...

Why do we pay 2 boro workers to walk on Locust Street and check parking meters? One was the guy who usually does it and the woman who usually drives behind the street sweeper.

Anonymous said...

Sure is a mess in this town we should be ashamed why do we have all these laws when there is not any of them being followed they are not worth the paper they are written on wake up and do something!!!!

Anonymous said...

It just gets worse and worse. Thank You Mayor, Kelly and Boro Council.
Enjoy your coffee and personal agendas.

Unknown said...

The trolley should be gone for good. It always has problems everytime we went to ride it something was wrong with it

Anonymous said...

Has the mattress store by taco 2 go been closed? Any idea of what will go in next?