Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Video: Columbia woman tells of vicious pitbull attack

Pit bull advocates dismiss the notion that the dogs are inherently dangerous. So, we asked them: is it the dog, or the owner?


Anonymous said...

Well thats an easy answer! Its all in the owner, for some of us pit bull owners that raised there dogs right,and have friendly pitts, i can tell when i walk threw columbia and see a pitt bull on a thick choker chain how the dog was raised.. german shepards are great family dogs, and then police get there hands on them and make them viscious!! So any dog has a brwaking point, its all in how there taught!!

Anonymous said...

Were the police called about it if so was anything done

Stephanie Weisser said...

Yes the police where called and nothing was done.

Anonymous said...

Go figure!!!

Anonymous said...

All in how they are raised and trained. Have a family member who is K-9 officer. Sweetest German Shepard in the world. He puts his uniform and collar on, New dog- I won't go near him when he's working and he knows me well.
Personally had multiple dogs and they have all been trained. Will go after someone that doesn't belong in my home but super sweet when your invited in and introduced.
You get what you train! I have had pitties that were well trained and never had an issue.