Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lancaster County districts will spend nearly $44M to take students to school this year

When Columbia School District students climbed the hill to their school to start the year, there were hardly any buses in sight.

The majority of its students walk, with a few carpoolers and student drivers, according to director of operations Tom Strickler. Buses run only to take students to career schools or to bring special education students to the school, Strickler said.



Anonymous said...

$570,000.00 worth

Anonymous said...

Lower income school districts will have a higher percentage of special education students. This has been shown many times by studies showing the percentage of IU 13 children per school district.Pa is sectoring the haves & have nots by school district in this state. Of course the taxpayers in the lower income districts have to pay for the higher costs associated with educating these children due to the way funding for education is dispersed. There's just no way the the state can keep handling educating our children the way they have & expect districts not to go bankrupt & all its children get a fair shake at education.