Sunday, August 27, 2017

About Town

Recent sights around Columbia...

 The first two legs of the journey?

 A contrail . . . and a shadow?

 Oil trail on North 5th, extending from Maple to the Columbia Plaza

 Another ghost sign:

 They're still here.

 Let's pray for our bicyclist friends as they cross at the intersection of Bridge Street, Front Street, and the Route 441 bypass.

 And pray for them here, too...

as they cross the tracks to River Park.
In both locations, they're competing with vehicle traffic.

 Three ladders, one step at a time.

 To prevent extinction, walk your triceratops at least once a day.

 Fly by day

 Sweeping up


 Bootleg night shot

 Could this be the new location of the borough offices?
Plenty of room, but we'll need a feasibility study first.

Well, that didn't pan out.

Unidentified Floating Object

 Clock lion at 5th & Chestnut

 Weeds be gone!

 Probably not street-legal

 Heritage Drive is looking wider and flatter these days.

 Pokemon people on public and private property

 That's a mighty big moose down at the Moose.

 That's one way to haul a ladder.

 A name that many of us readily embrace.

Morning glories in all their morning glory.

"Hi" from the JLG

 Brown bunny

 Zoning permit

 Hidden signs...



There's trouble down below:

 A red-tailed hawk!

 So, what's the plan?


 Blue buggy


 Feeling superior?

 Picture yourself in a boat on a river...

and then you catch a fish.

 Goldfinch on the fence.
Moderates always think they're right, but they're just afraid to pick a side.

 Nodding off

PennDOT just chopped down one of its Columbia habitats.

 Mallard in "cloudy" water

 Read and heed.
Clean that crap up!

 Big boat back from checking the bridge

 Who says dogs and cats don't get along?

 Bike basket passenger

Till next time . . . arrivederci!


Anonymous said...

Cole, on walks around Columbia, did you notice that Associates Real Estate, moved off Locust St. to the Turkey Hill Experience building.

Unknown said...

Love the pics thank u

Anonymous said...

Didn't Associates own part of the the TH Experience project building approvals project ?