Sunday, August 13, 2017

About Town

Recent pics from around our fair borough . . .

Just married!

However, this isn't the proper way to enter a bridal suite.

Meanwhile, at Columbia River Park . . .

The lamppost, that is.

Looks like someone backed into it with a vehicle.
There's the shards of a broken taillight.

And there's a dent.

And there's a broken fixture.


"Columbia rossing"
Can you "C" it?

Taking pride - 
Well, someone's gotta do it.

Winged head at 8th & Walnut

Beating the heat

Here a weed, there a weed, everywhere a weed weed.

You don't see many of these nowadays.

Sculpture at Burning Bridge

Working on the Front Street storage units.

Second floor, going up.

Why park in a space when there's a perfectly good street there?

On the lookout

A favorite symbol of American Nazis

300 block of Locust, Saturday morning, 5 o'clock

Stand up for what you believe in,
or just because you feel like it.

Guess this doesn't get used often.

Newfangled trash receptacle?

Q: Why does he do that?
A: Because he can.

Sooty water at Front & Walnut.
Thanks, Eastern Drillers!

Hood ornament on hood

The document says that the real estate agent listed is responsible for the management of the property.

Is the property being managed?

Is it?

Mayfly invasion on the 200 block of Locust!

Another ghost sign (200 block of Locust)
There's a shadow of the word "FURNITURE" along the bottom (right about "254").
The rest is illegible.

Grinch on vacation at Tacos to Go

Does this conform to HARB rules?

Yes, keep that door closed, like the sign says.
And fix that broken window!

Creepy Ronald beckons you to the bath.

Unlawful structure at 134 North 3rd is being renovated.
The backstory is HERE.

Yeah, Tollbooth, No Parking!

So, if someone removes that padlock . . .

Poplar Street School Center for the Arts

Someone might want to apply their artistic talents to this sign.

How many people live here?

4th & Cherry becoming ADA-compliant

Attractive property on the 300 block of Cherry

This is what can be done . . .

When people care.

There's one of those dad-blasted gas fixtures. A tripping hazard for sure.

Bumblebees have take over for the missing honeybees.
Cross traffic does not stop.
True. It doesn't even slow down.

It's listing a bit.

That's what they're doing.

Council should make this the borough's official tree by virtue of its ubiquity.

Five feral felines...
in Avenue F.
That so works!

Columbia cowgirl

Heron heading homeward


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are really great to bad that someone had to hit and knock the light down at river and they just forgot to tell anyone what they did thought we had cameras down there don't they work if they do why don't they ever caught the people who do these things at the park are cameras in town just don't seem to be worth much

Anonymous said...

Its who you are!

Anonymous said...

it's nice too see the pictures but funny no pictures of the new nail salon in town

Anonymous said...

These are random pictures taken while he travels "about town". So don't take it personally if your business wasn't in it. Appreciate it for what it is and the interesting things he captures.

Anonymous said...

Is it known that the person who struck the light pole did not report it? All I see is a damaged light pole. No indication that it was a hit and run. Maybe it was and hit and run but you can't make the assumption based on these photos.

Anonymous said...

I still can't understand how some of the weed growth goes unnoticed by Boro officials. They can give out $10.00 a week for someone who recycles, but can't spot weeds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it doesn't go unnoticed by the boro. I'm assuming the quick ticket program that codes does works similar to getting a street sweeping ticket. Violation is observed, ticket is issued or filed, person says screw you boro and doesn't remove the weeds or pays the ticket. Ticket turns into a citation, person pleads not guilty, judges office schedules a hearing, defendant tells judge I'm busy the day you scheduled my hearing and re-schedules a hearing at a later date. Next thing you know it is 3 months from the time the weed was spotted and a ticket was filed or issued. All the while the weed just got taller and taller.

The mayor was seen spraying weeds at river park before, maybe he can walk all of town and spray weeds. Never mind someone will think he is leaking chemicals into the drain system. Just let the weeds grow to help create more oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, if no one was told, why are their barriers and caution tape there. I normally don't carry that stuff in my vehicle. A few photos don't tell the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't that young man that is grinding the paint off the hydrant have safety glasses on??

Anonymous said...

didn't the Borough sell the prime land to the guys that built the mini storage buildings ? , and now they are looking to buy other land in town ??, and for what ?, to sell it to the same guys that build mini storage buildings ?? I'm very confused.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You're assuming that the Police weren't able to identify the responsible party. Stop assuming.

Anonymous said...

in ref to storage units being built at Union & S Front St. i really wonder who did the sight distance study???? Its truly a nightmare. Coming down Union St you MUST enter HALF WAY onto S FRONT St to see vehciles which there are a ton of tractor trailers. You can NOT SEE. The lone house on Front St SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARK THE VEHCILES IN PART OF THE SIGHT DISTANCE. ESPECIALLY THE PICK UP TRUCK. you TAKE YOUR LIFE INTO YOUR HANDS every TIME YOU COME down Union St