Sunday, August 6, 2017

About Town

Recent pics from around Columbia . . .

"Watchcat" at the Lloyd Mifflin House on Walnut Street.

 And here's a catbird. 
He finally stopped meowing when his picture was taken.

 Weed city - or at least half a block's worth

 The grass at this property next to the former Cookman Church on North Sixth was recently mowed, but not completely.

What are the lyrics to that old song?
Something like:
Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the GRASS IS HIGH!

 Peeping Tom(cat)

 The Amish have invaded town - peaceably, of course.

They were replacing a roof on the 400 block of Locust.

 Hard workers, they

 And apparently sure-footed.

 Amish on the roof - aloof!

Meanwhile, around back - 2 OLD FARTS...?

Another one bites the dust.

 Sidewalk plaque on Locust

 Wall plaque marks a historic building at 401 Locust - despite the interloper on the right edge.

 Oh say, can you see all those flags at the Moose?

 Textured wall next door

 Trash- and weed-lined walkway down there, too.

 So that means six units in this building...?

 Buddha head on Walnut

 Bug vs bird.
The bug lost.

 Amish under hat

 SPCA removing critters from 341 Union Street

 There's the van.

 And there they go.

A little later, at National Night Out . . .

 CPR man on a gurney with school supplies
 Emergency vehicles

 Side by side

Long ladder

 9301 - Columbia Trolley Works

 Monster bird?

 Or a new member of law enforcement?


There's that FedEx plane that flies over low in the morning.

 Cooper's hawk keeping watch over North Seventh

 Flowers on the fence along North Second

 Ghost sign - a remnant of Columbia's heyday:

 For sale down on Bridge Street

 Heritage Drive is shaping up nicely

 Brown-eyed Susans on the 200 block of Perry Street

Sumac - Columbia's weed of choice

 Suitable for shading the house or increasing curb appeal

 A one-room schoolhouse at the intersection of Hill Street and Elbow Avenue? 
No, just a garage . . .

Complete with bell tower.

 And a bell.

Strangely beautiful or just plain ugly?
A black vulture - the newest resident of a condemned house on the 500 block of Avenue H. A neighbor there tells us he has seen a total of four.



More arches

 301 Locust will be renovated beyond the shadow of a doubt - or a lamp post, for that matter.

 Continuing construction of storage units along Front Street

 Supporting walls for a second floor

 Bell tower of former Shawnee Fire Company, 518 Union Street.
A new roof and some fresh paint would do wonders.

 Thanks to whoever cleaned up Makle Park

 Remains of a dead tree at Mount Bethel Cemetery

 Someone must have made the Incredible Hulk angry again.
We don't like him when he's angry.

 Bust of John Huston Mifflin - father of Lloyd, Columbia's famous sonneteer and artist

 Don't be hanging around here. It's the spirits' turf.

Puffball on South Sixth


Anonymous said...

Love checking out the sites you photograph!!
Seriously though what is codes doing??? This town is so out of control, just like the weeds and critters!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. It is always Codes, Codes, Codes. Has nothing to do with lazy ass home owners and renters alike who just sit around on their behinds doing nothing. Why not try a little human decency once. You know the way your parents should have raised you. To respect your neighbor's, friends and others. If we ALL believed this then we wouldn't have all these weeds, trash etc. Have some personal pride once. Clean up your property. Don't walk past that pile of trash in the gutter sweep it up. And next time you see an irresponsible owner letting their dog crap behind let them know you don't appreciate it. Try policing yourselves. No more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Buddha head on Walnut st.

Anonymous said...

It's Codes responsibilities to enforce these things.
Policing ourselves? What a great idea if your prepared for an ongoing battle, and vandalism.

Sorry I pay taxes and expect results!

Joe Lintner said...

The Lloyd Mifflin House

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. No reason for me to confront a man with a pit bull pooping on the sidewalk. I did not make the law nor was I hired to enforce it.

As far as trash in the gutters, same deal we have littering laws.

Enforcement can get off of their butts too. Pound the pavement like the mayor said was going to happen.

Plenty of talk, little action.

SixthStreeter said...

Thanks again for your photo-journalism of my old home town. I moved away back in the late 60's but I feel like I re-visit Columbia everytime I read your posts. Very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Well when the code ppl don't do the weeds and shit on borough property but want t hand out fines t home owners who do take care of theirs for some little bit of weeds but all around town trash and weeds everywhere double standard I say practice what u preach the borough should be fined as well then

Anonymous said...

Glad the trash can has a lid,,,
But should it still be sitting in front of a residence??
Hellur Codes!

Anonymous said...

Codes Deffinitely needs to look into the old Shawnee Fire Co property. That building is becoming structurally dangerous. That tower is past painting. The old social room building behind its roof caved in.

Anonymous said...

Columbia is just decaying more and more.
Thank you past and present Council, the Codes Department and the Mayor!

Anonymous said...

How many people are fighting the new assessment?

Anonymous said...

Don't look down, the town looks like an ashtray.