Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ride the trolley this weekend

The Trolley operates Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. ti 4:30 p.m.
The fee is $3 per adult, $1for children (ages 4-10); children 3 and under are free.
A hand stamp allows you to hop-on/off at any designated trolley stop throughout the day.
Volunteers are on board to share Columbia history.
Trolley Stops:
Turkey Hill Experience – 401 Linden Street –  (All day parking not available)
Columbia Crossing – 41 Walnut Street
Bank & Locust Streets – Free parking available at this location.
Wright's Ferry Mansion – Second and Cherry Street
Columbia Market House – 15 South Third Street
400 block of Locust Street (Business District) – Bus Stop
Mount Bethel Cemetery – 700 Locust Street
The National Watch & Clock Museum – 514 Poplar Street
 Visitors Center – 445 Linden Street
*The trolley is not handicapped accessible and does not have child safety seating*
For more information contact the SVCC at 717-684-5249


  1. How does a new, gov't-run bus service like this not meet ADA standards? Can we say discrimination lawsuit?

    1. Typical BAWL BABY, instead of complaining try to help the Boro out and Volunteer to help on these projects.

    2. More ad hominem attacks from you. Typical. You do realize ADA is the law and the boro is potentially setting themselves up for a lawsuit? What if someone wants to take his/her wheelchair-bound elderly father on the trolley? Is he being denied access to a public vehicle operated by the borough?

      That person may pose said question to a disability rights group or attorney. I am being helpful by posing the question here. I know people in positions of power for this boro read this blog. Hopefully the correct solutions are found now, and not in court decisions later.

    3. Now the handicapped, wanting access to the trolley, are called "bawl babies?"

  2. Begging now for riders. What a waste of money

  3. Ahhhh The river front cottage land could have been generating income.
    I like the trolley!

    1. Back off on the cottages along the river. Probably 90% of the owners are still homeowners in Columbia. They are paying their fair share on taxes and most families have been there for more then 30+ years. This was from 2011, and should not be brought up again. Pick your poison and sip on it!
      The Borough Council and School Board is the problem with overspending and mediocre management.
      The Borough Council has spent over $2 million dollars in six moths with no plans, and the School Board gave us another tax hike. This is the problem, not the cottage owners.
      Get off your A-- and do something about it!

    2. And Columbia left a gold mine go for a sows ear.

    3. 90%? I think NOT! Less than half of the cottage owners are residents of Columbia Borough!

  4. Ok, come on now, let's give the trolley a chance folks. We will see the numbers at the end of the season.

  5. Why is the CIA (Columbia International Airport)not a designated stop?

  6. Last year, the Columbia Borough and SVCC spent well over $34,000 dollars on trolley services. If I am correct, with Cole's rebuttal was a whopping goose egg of between $5,000- 6,000 dollars. Cole could you elaborate the numbers from the year 2016? This year could exceed over $50,000 and a shortage of riders that I have seen. I rode the trolley last year and had the privilege of meeting Andre, trolley owner who was a great host.

  7. I think the route needs to expand or change up here and there.
    Maybe someday outsiders with a passion will purchase in Columbia.
    Just look at the 100 block of South Second, 4 homes again up for sale!

  8. Still say it should run till at least 6:00..and should have scheduled time at each place for pick up...

  9. Did Columbia,
    open up a can of worms by buying a Trolley and hiring there own drivers to operate it. The Trolley the SVCC used last year was privately owned and operated. The Trolley used in 2016 was not owned and operated by local government.