Monday, July 31, 2017

Further progress at 3rd & Locust

 What's that Amish boy looking at?
What's he doing?

 Well, he . . .
Hold on a minute until this truck passes.

 Uh, this could take a while.
What happened to that bypass that was supposed to solve this problem?

 Ah, there it is.
Workers at 3rd & Locust are removing an I-beam from the side of the building as part of a renovation project that was described HERE.

 The forklift operator is lowering the beam to the sidewalk.

 The two large panels on the side of the building will be removed, and full-length windows will be installed.

A few more instructions, and that's it for today.


Anonymous said...

Who really cares if he is putting in new windows I just think it is great that he is fixings up the building

Anonymous said...

Good job, keep in posted.

Anonymous said...

NON local tractor trailer drivers DON"T know that there's an alternate truck route......

Anonymous said...

i agree. there should be a MONSTROSITY SIZED SIGN AT RT 441 informing them....maybe it should have flashing lights on it.