Thursday, July 6, 2017

Columbia to get bigger Sunoco station, laundromat

Several new signs were mounted yesterday and today (July 5 & 6) at the former Exxon gas station at 15th Street and Route 462 - and the existing Sunoco station beside it. The project is a first stage in expanding the Sunoco station.

The Exxon station, which also housed a "snack mart" and ATM, shut down a few years ago. Its signs were removed yesterday.

Workmen then installed a new sign frame . . .

. . . using a "bucket truck" and crane.

Today, a new Sunoco sign was installed inside the frame.

The soon-to-be Sunoco building will also house a laundromat, according to a worker on-scene.

The existing Sunoco station got a small facelift - another new sign.
Obviously, the pricing display is yet to be programmed.

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