Sunday, July 30, 2017

About Town

 Recent pics from around Columbia . . . 

Red tail on Heritage Drive

Heritage Drive looking wider and clearer 

This box is alleged to have caused injury this week.

It's located on the 200 block of Locust, near Hinkle's.

A headless troll - like many on the internet

Rickety sign on Bank Avenue.
Note the spray-painted "S" before Columbia.
Haters can't even get their insults straight.

Whackin' weeds along Front Street

Mafly-covered lamp at River Park


Killdeer on the rail

The sumac has been removed. The mailbox is now visible.

Butts at the clock plaza at 5th & Chestnut

Where's the other piece? That's "od."

Tiger swallowtail

Have a seat - just watch out for that nail.
(South 4th)

This bass drum lost its head and was put out with the trash.

Gas service on the sidewalk, at the edge of a porch.
What could possibly go wrong?

Someone forgot the drop cloth.

Super fan on South 4th

Nittany lion on South 4th

Grassy median in the alley.
Does someone mow this?

Sign on the ground

Inexpensive driver's side window

Bo Bo's Tomatoes
(200 block of Union)

Second floor going up at the storage units on Front Street?

Could be . . .

Security camera, out of service

Stars and STRIPS!

Sludge island at River Park


(134 North 3rd)

Rollin' with the baby

The elusive hummingbird moth

Top of the globe

Morning glory in the morning

A new kind of flag?

Another view of the garage on the 600 block of Avenue H that may be turned into storage units.
The zoning hearing for this project has been postponed until September.

Rolling out the sign

The trashman is going to be busy.

Reaching for lunch.

The tasty bugs must be under the railing . . .

. . . and along the side.

Up, up, and away


Columbia's trolley was back in action today (Sunday).

Yellow belly

Hangin' with the big boys

Join the Amvets.

Here's the summer schedule.

Vehicles without trailers will be ticketed if they're in the wrong spaces.

Baby on board

Boss Lady


Like the sign says

The river was high earlier this week due to heavy rains.

Watch out for the daddy longlegs!


Anonymous said...

Really alot of pictures I enjoy looking at them you do such a great job

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

awesome pictures! thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen council members or the mayor riding the new Columbia Trolley? If you're pushing residents to support it you need to do so also.

Unknown said...

Great pictures Columbia Spy! Thanks for the market shot.

Anonymous said...

A challenge to Columbia residents:

Add your "spring" and "fall" or municipal and school taxes to arrive at your "total" taxes. Divide that number by 12 to see how much you are turning over to this town every month.

Probably anywhere from 200-600 dollars a month...every single month as long as you live in this borough. We are ALL renters. We are renting from the borough. Even long after your mortgage is paid you continue to rent from the borough.

Ask yourself if Columbia is giving you your money's worth.

In example:
How long has it been since homeowners and businesses on Walnut Street have had a smooth, even mildly decent street?

As borough officials throw money at a variety of projects, is your quality of life here acceptable?

Unknown said...

I dont think there is a smooth road in columbia.

Joe Lintner said...

You're welcome, Teresa.