Wednesday, July 19, 2017

About Town

Recent pics from around Columbia . . .

Awning's eye view of Hotel Locust

Check, please.
Spell check, that is.
Unless it's forbidden to exchange locks of hair.

Cloud hand pointing the way

Weeds ahoy!

And here as well, on the 600 block of Chestnut . . .
and all over town, really.

Blasting out of frame in the no-wake zone.

Trolley peeking around the pier

 Just visiting

 Imitation Gibson guitar and empty-headed plastic person -
a fitting tribute to today's music.

 Norfolk Southern holding up the works down at the crossing

Dig it!

"Fancy banner" at the antiques store

Baby bunny on Chestnut
(Momma was nearby.)

Wait, what?

Some get their own parking, deserved or not.

Station renovation

Overview of Wrights Ferry Bridge,
as seen from the 441 bypass.

New ADA-compliant curb at South 2nd & Union

Here's the other side.

Meanwhile, at 7th Street & Purples Lane, this crossing leads to a wheelchair-accessible curb - but no sidewalk! 

Except for a few small exceptions, curbs and sidewalks are required along all streets in Columbia, according to borough ordinance.

Trolley heading down Walnut

Biker gang

Remember to feed the meter when you park downtown during business hours.

Even here, in the space with the yellow line. You know, the yellow line that designates a NO PARKING area but has a parking meter anyway.  Even if you slug the meter, they can still ticket you - right?

The famous "Columbia double-park"
in which a driver "cannot find a suitable parking space" along the curb
but instead parks in the street.

No, really - no parking spaces available!

Even more sticker shock

Newly shorn

Buddhist monk

Innovative use of a bedsheet?

 Up on the rooftop

Crow with crow's feet

First watch

Morning rays on Laurel Hill Road

 Is this on the list?

Looks like Reddy Kilowatt is back - two of them, in fact.

Hey, there he is now!


Anonymous said...

Codes are doing a mighty fine job, not.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics - love these posts. Question for the Spy: do you know what is going on at the former McGuinness' air field? There are some posts with pink ribbons on them...holes were dug today by each of the posts but then filled back in. Do you know what the Borough plans to do with this land?

Anonymous said...

The meter photo on 3rd Street is hilarious! I must have walked past that meter a hundred times. So funny how Public Works didn't catch this one. Hilarious!!!!

Joe Lintner said...

Yes, it's a contradiction.

Joe Lintner said...

I haven't heard of any definite plans for use of the property. The issue will be discussed at a special meeting next Monday, July 24, according to this legal notice on the borough's website:
Notice is hereby given that Borough Council of the Borough of Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania will hold a special meeting for purposes of determining whether to move forward with acquiring real estate pursuant to an Agreement of Sale executed by and between the Borough and Peggy A. Knoll and James G. McGinness, Trustees, on Monday, July 24, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers of the Borough Municipal Building, located at 308 Locust Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania 17512. Notice is further given that the meeting of the Finance Committee of Borough Council of the Borough of Columbia currently scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. has been rescheduled to Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers of the Borough Municipal Building, located at 308 Locust Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania 17512. Anyone with disabilities needing accommodations to attend either of those meetings should contact the Borough Manager at Borough offices during regular business hours.

Unknown said...

Love the pics like always thanks

Anonymous said...

So is it possible for Council to say no???

Anonymous said...

GREAT job bringing attention to the horrific double parking situation....particularly on lower Walnut St. I've actually seen a police car drive around a double parked vehicle down there. I love the absolutely shows the utter laziness.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how very few boaters understand or follow the most simplest of all rules....

"it is illegal to operate a boat at greater than slow, no-wake speed within 100 feet of the SHORELINE, DOCKS, LAUNCH RAMPS, swimmers or downed skiers, persons wading in the water, anchored, moored or drifting boats and floats."

"Slow, no-wake speed is the slowest possible speed of a motorboat required to maintain maneuverability so that the wake or wash created by the motorboat on the surface is minimal."

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. The weeds in this town are a joke. It is surprising what a little Roundup or Weed Be Gone can do. The double parking on the most part is laziness. Drivers are too lazy to pull into the curb, even if there are parking where they double. The curb and sidewalk issue should be enforced for ALL NEW construction.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that yellow curbs in Columbia mean nothing, unless there is an accompanying sign. For instance, where the curb is painted yellow near an intersection, there must be a sign that states "no parking from here to corner".
Would be nice to know for sure though.

Anonymous said...

The map is dated 2005.

Anonymous said...

Ok then, is 2005 the newest map the borough has?

If they have a newer version, why isn't it on the Borough of Columbia Ordinance site?

Weeds this year are awful and EVERYWHERE!! Saw them all over town lining curbs etc. They seem to get more neglected every year. I would think that the larger they grow the more likely there could be damage to the curbs.

Anonymous said...

Glad you noticed the weeds on the sidewalks. I've been seeing more of that around town and have asked "what are our code officers doing?"

Anonymous said...

It's Columbia,, going down hill while taxes and personal agendas increase.

Anonymous said...

Was there a trolley today (Saturday)?

Anonymous said...

Oh there is a newer map,,, good luck finding it.
It's all about agendas.

Anonymous said...

as a licensed driver, it's YOUR responsibility to KNOW what the yellow line means. DO NOT PARK THERE!

Anonymous said...

Somewhat right....there are statutory requirements in the PA vehicle code regarding parking where no signs are required, such as parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk, 15 feet from a fire hydrant, etc. Those not enumerated in the vehicle code require a sign, such as our street sweeping parking restrictions. There is nothing mentioned about yellow lines. Yellow lines are placed as a courtesy and are not enforceable.