Monday, July 3, 2017

About Town

Mayflies have invaded Columbia! They even attached themselves to a Columbia flag so that the invasion would be symbolic as well as literal. Clever little creatures!

Once again, they seem to be everywhere around town - even here, at the old railroad station, now Eastern Drillers.

Well, that's one way to light up your life.

 Reflecting . . .

 Up against the wall . . .

 But not everyone's upset about the mayflies. This grackle has a beakful of the bugs.

This sparrow, too.

 Speaking of birds, here's one who must think he's king of the world atop a finial at the Elks.

 A tree for rent? Is transportation provided?

 Street sweeper sweeping once again

 An armada of geese heading north.

"Free food" sign in a window . . . 

at 215 Walnut Street.

 And there's the food.

 And to wash it all down, here's a load of Columbia cocktails.

 Yet another rental run by a "property management" company
(122 North Third)

 It's leaning a bit.
(Seen from North Second, near Rotary Park)

 Two-month-old dumpster
(Second & Walnut)

 Limbs down...for a few a borough property...on Walnut

 Ironic that a WATER company is bleeding us DRY.

 Historic building with five - count 'em, FIVE - meters
(300 block of Chestnut)

 Victim of traffic regulations

 All in a row

 Hangin' out at the Watch & Clock Museum

 It's leaning a bit.
(High School hill)

 Don't go that way. Walk the straight and narrow.

 Signs in the window at 124 North Fifth

 About that bypass . . .
Wasn't it supposed to keep these things outta here?

 Sun-kissed medallion

"One of these days I'm gonna settle down
But till I do I won't be hanging round
Going down that long lonesome highway
Gonna live life my way"
("Long Lonesome Highway"


Brian said...

Nice pictures, as usual, that chronicle life in the town.

About the new property management entity, here's the link to its website:

Frankly, the Website shows a responsible property management company. The Website is quick-to-load and shows good, thorough listings for rent across several counties.

On the surface, it looks like a well-run operation. The Website is especially interesting and transparent. Something other property management entities, landlords, not-for-profit and government entities might do well to emulate.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, better save them and show the grand kids what Columbia once was. The numbers that Brian and Cole posted on these websites is not shocking to me. I had numerous issues with renters when I lived in Columbia. What is shocking and frustrating is when the Borough caters to the land lords. I once told Mr. Wise from the code enforcement that I could count 11 rental units from by back door he laughed and said that was untrue. I invited him but he never showed. I will still entertain that invite today. I sold my house, but the rentals are still there. Jim Leonard from Conoy loves Columbia he has multiple dwellings there and never has issues with the Borough, probably because the borough dose nothing to land lords.