Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Will the Borough move its offices? Joint Feasibility Meeting Wednesday, June 14 at 5 p.m.

A Joint Feasibility Study group, consisting of representatives from Columbia Borough and Columbia Borough School District, will meet in the Council meeting room, 308 Locust Street, on Wednesday, June 14 at 5 p.m. to consider whether there is sufficient interest to pursue a study on the possible consolidation of school district, borough administration offices and the borough police department at the District Administration Center, 200 North 5th St, Columbia.


  1. Its all bull chitt! this mayor and town went down the tubes years ago and they never looked at what they did to the tax payers!

  2. How much will this consultant cost the Borough of Columbia?
    How much will this cost?
    How much will this save the citizen in the next five years?
    What protection will the citizens have from the Columbia Police Department moving out of business district?
    What other model of merging between governments are currently in Pennsylvania?
    What is the purpose of selling this building that has been our town hall since the 1870's?
    Why does Council think the Borough Hall is Columbia's core of business success?
    Due to the success of this past 2017 Primary local election write-in votes, and low ballot votes. A good, strong write-in campaign could throw a curveball to Council and School Board.
    Who would you write-in?
    Rock the vote!

  3. This is the type of issue that must be put on the ballot and let the taxpayers decide whether they want to pay for a move like this or not.

    Why should one person's idea cost everyone in town for years to come.

    I could see this being done IF there had been great success with Hotel Locust and the Market House.

    Allowing cheap furniture stores to line Locust Street sure isn't helping. One of which had an open sign and flag out at 9:15 pm. Who shops for furniture at that hour?

    Rental properties and cheap transient businesses will be all that's left here after while. Columbia better hope that Hinkles never leaves, that's the glue holding the town together.

  4. Move the school district offices to the market house...now that would be a good use !

  5. I am sure there is more behind this plan than what is being told.If a move is feasible, I hope whatever is done to the building, they keep as much of the exterior of the building in tact. It is part of Columbia's history and by altering certain parts of the building, the borough would beat the historical preservation plan they are trying to push.

  6. i would certainly hope that the answer is NO.....the state must stop in and take control and consolidate the school district. they just want the boiro to pay for all the bs. how many supervisors, assistants etc each making $100,000.00 ?????? NO NO NO. This Boro and current Council MUST start listening to its constituents. THIS QUESTION SHOULD BE ON THE BALLOT. PERIOD. STOP MAKING DECISIONS FOR THIS POVERTY STRICKEN TOWN FOR THE FEW TAXPAYING HOMEOWNERS THAT ARE LEFT TO LOSE THIER HOMES TOO.

  7. I went past the Columbia number one old fire station and would like to know why a Columbia brough truck was there and alot of other cars were they having a private meeting before the public meeting at 5;00 something smells to me but that is the way they do things all the time and you know who i am talking about time will tell if I am right

  8. They will do whatever they want! Nothing will change until the elected officials are removed.

  9. First order of Business Elect new officials. We cannot be the change us Taxpayers want if we have the same elected officials running against themselves. We need someone is who willing to fight for Taxpayers not against them. We need officials who care more about our town rather then spending money on useless items. Example- What is Bigler's property going to be used for? Itll be knocked down and made just another parking lot. Invest in something. Give our children something Add a splash pad I mean they enjoy spending money on ridiculous things(Bigler's, Trolley(same old people every weekend), Unused Sweeper.) Fill our Boro hall and let them know we care. They may not care about what damage they are doing to taxpayers but we care. Now we have 2 years to find a new mayor that will put our town and taxpayers first.

  10. SO....what's the story?????????????????

    1. If the school board doesn't green-light it, the issue dies. MORE to follow.

  11. Doesn't anyone on Boro Council or School Board work? How can they have these meetings at 5? Because the answer is a lot of people can't make it at that time. Why not have a 7 P.M. meeting when citizens can attend. Do all these people have money that they can keep raising taxes? What about seniors living on a fixed income who never get raises.
    Also why are there so many houses for sale in Columbia? Easy answer people can't afford to live here.

    We need new people to serve the citizens not people out for themselves.

    I was at the council meeting and hardly any citizens were there. You need to pack these meetings and let them know we are tired of them spending our money.

  12. Show up, wait, be ignored then made out to be an ass.