Monday, June 26, 2017

SIGNS, etc.

 Mattress Mart, down by the bridge

 Businesses can get these flags from the chamber.
They match the flags on posts in the business district.

 Quick, call The Hague.

 Even bikes get parking tickets.

 Good idea

What are all these tags under Columbia Crossing?

 Ah, another satisfied customer

 Yes, signs . . . 

Many signs

 What's wrong with this picture?

 Uh . . . ?

 Take that, sign!

 More numbers painted on the bridge.
(These have been there a while.)

Another antiques shop coming soon


Anonymous said...

The Bootleg signs are ridiculous, special treatment?
2. Anyone quick ticket the Boutique sign for blocking the handicap ramp?
3. Best wishes to the new business.

Anonymous said...

Is that a weed violation by the mailbox? Not to mention blocking a handicap ramp?

Anonymous said...

The borough and Chamber of Commerce officials talk about improving the visual effects of coming into the town,all those signs advertising a certain business is not right. If left go, how long before others do it. The borough has limits on yard sale signs and such, why not this business.

Anonymous said...

The Bootleg and Boutique sign placements are a clear code violation. Businesses are not allowed to place signs "off premises" of their business.

Anonymous said...

Off premises, in a public way.

Anonymous said...

I hope one of our code enforcement employees see the weed growth on the one picture. If they are out and about,they surely should see this. Also, the sign blocking the ADA ramp is showing disrespect to the disabled,if the boutique owner placed it there.

Anonymous said...

There are never any VIOLATIONS commited in Columbia, Boro Management is the Best in the Nation, they keep the Homes and Streets in the Boro Clean and in Tip Top Shape. Ask them

Anonymous said...

There are sooo many Bootleg signs splashed around York and Lancaster county that people are starting to think it is one of those going out of business Mattress sales! I'm surprised that Wrightsville and Columbia puts up with it

Anonymous said...

Columbia IGNORES IT!
All depends who you are,, come on, things never change.

Anonymous said...

Signs like that are a turn-off , looks like a sign of desperation

Anonymous said...

Columbia taxpayers are desperate, for relief?
What's being done?