Wednesday, June 7, 2017

School districts reaching a 'tipping point' on being able to deliver quality education

In the 332 school districts that responded to the survey, budgetary challenges are causing seven in 10 districts to look at property tax increases for next year. In many cases, that is accompanied by furloughs, program cuts, delayed textbook purchases, postponed maintenance projects, and dipping into reserve accounts.


Anonymous said...

But not like Columbia, up,up,up and up almost every 2-3 years!

Anonymous said...

You mean EVERY year. There has yet to be a year the school DIDN'T raise taxes, for decades!

Anonymous said...

I've been writing to our state representatives and senator begging for help in Columbia with the tax situation.
I have asked for the state to step in and put an end to this ever escalating problem.

Even if the tax elimination does not pass, senior citizens (65 years and over) should not have to pay property taxes. They have paid for decades and should not be subject to this any longer. They have paid for more than their own children to attend school, they are paying for decades to educate generations. And then to top it off they are treated with disrespect at public meetings.

And seeing so many officials being "Appointed," we are reaching TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. We did not elect them and they are making decisions to raise taxes. If this does not make you angry, you're not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Time to merge now how much more can we tax payers take soon it will be a ghost town with alot of empty houses then who will pay the taxes you did not save the tax payers one penny this year in fact you cost us alot more money with on person being played $94.000 dollars a year for a job he never should have had