Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Heritage Drive Project Underway

The Columbia Borough Highway Department is continuing the widening and paving of Heritage Drive, which runs parallel to Front Street - on the opposite side of the railroad tracks.

 The plan may provide an additional 40 parking spaces.

In order to qualify for liquid fuels funding, there must be two lanes.

According to the minutes of the April 18, 2017 Public Works Committee meeting, plans for the removal of brush and fencing were to be finalized at a meeting with residents on April 20. Reportedly, wrought iron fencing, similar to that enclosing the parking lot at the bottom of Locust, was chosen by residents. The fence will separate Heritage Drive from properties owned by members of the Columbia Heritage River Cottage Association, Inc.

 Will these leftover sections of track need to be removed?

 The borough should take this opportunity to pave the first block of Union Street (shown above) which has basically been neglected for decades.

Union Street joins a road leading to the borough's second, less well-known, public boat ramp.

The ramp appears to be somewhat neglected but can still be used.


  1. The borough should contact Norfolk Southern about upgrading the Crossing at Front and Union also. Being a resident of Union St. ,I see more cars using that crossing,since Locust St. is closed.
    If future plans would include connecting the present trail with the other trail south of Washington Borough,now would be time to start talks with the railroad.

  2. Who the hell is paying for all this? This should not be done at all! the borough and school board should come before anything is done down at the river!! Lets go people and STOP the waste down at the river until the town is in the BLACK! We are 27 million dollars in the RED!! Wake up and get the BAD people out of office!!

  3. it would be nice if norfolk southern would repave/regrade the Union St going over the tracks...it's crazy messed up! wish someone would realize just how LOUD the trains are that speed thru town...

    1. Lots of people know how LOUD the trains are. The horns have to conform to FEDERAL STANDARDS.

  4. What's this about a fence? Are the cottage owners paying for that? The chain link fence at RiverPark is on the railroad side. Will this fence be on the railroad side or the cottage side?

    If it is on the cottage side it must be paid for by the cottage owners not by borough taxpayers. It would be a "Privacy Fence." I do not believe a fence for that purpose would fall under a grant.

  5. What about the sewer pipes to be put in at the cottage homes? Also if paved they or whoever must have a run off plan so the water waste is controlled!!

  6. Skip it, the land the cottages sit on is Sacred! Ask Leo and Mary.

  7. Wonder what their reassessment values are?

  8. It's the Land Of No Laws!