Wednesday, June 28, 2017

About Town

Night light by day

 Jesus #1
(Laurel Hill)

 Jesus #2
(Laurel Hill)

 Cacti in Avenue G

 Gryphon in the grass

 A pet named "Woody" ?

 Tug o' war

 Comin' atcha!

 Biker with git-tar in tow

 Lots of rods

 Double barrel ... plus one

 Big man about town

 Reflecting on time

 The trolley's tired and is going home now.

It began January 20, 2017.

 This building just got a plaque.

 And there it is - 22 South Second.

 Anger issues?

 This building just got a sign.

 And there it is - 223 Cherry Street.

 Flags for vets at Laurel Hill for Independence Day


Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always

Eric J. White said...

I didn't know the entrance to the mines of Moria was in Columbia?

Joe Lintner said...

Yes, Gandalf revealed the location.

Unknown said...

Great pictures Columbia Spy!