Sunday, June 4, 2017

About Town

Many pics about town over the last few weeks . . .

 Thumbs up from Columbia's "Rock"
(At Columbia Crossing)

 Daytime moon

 Even the Grinch says, "Support your local EMS services."
(At Tacos to Go)

 Patriotic revelers on Memorial weekend
(5th & Chestnut)

Above the fray

 Shrine of the dog gods
(Mifflin Mansion on Walnut)

 More sticker shock
(Off Ironville Pike)

 Big Blue
(Little's Beverage)


Boy Scouts (Troop 35) fix bricks at the DAC:


 Boat race!

With angelic glow, what appears to be a heavenly emissary . . .

is just an immature cardinal (female).

 And here's an immature male.

New use for an old contraption
(Bootleg Antiques)

Read and heed.
You must carry a bag with you when walking your dog.
For cleanup.
Borough ordinance.
No kidding.

 Sound advice

 There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.


 Whoa - low!
(Over Laurel Hill)

 Connivers conniving atop Columbia United Methodist Church

 Foggy morning

Side by side

But not eye to eye

 X marks the spot.

 Three in a row



 300 block of Avenue G - Enough said.

 Power nap


 In training


The honeybees are making a tentative return . . . 
(Columbia River Park)

 The mantises are still with us.


 Which way again?

 Mummified cat - shellacked and mounted
(Tollbooth Antiques)

 Tax protester.
Columbia's new millage rate

This sparrow looks like he just saw the sign above.

 Parochial school sign on public school property

 Spanish - English - Arabic
(Near Sixth & Cherry)

 Moon-tipped finial
(500 Chestnut)

Here's something good in Avenue G.

 Walkways crossing Columbia Crossing

 There's that hearse again.
(North Second)

 Who needs AC when you have an open-air ride?
((Avenue F, near Fourth Street)

 Laptop in the sewer. Can Jesse the Computer Guy fix it?

 Down 'n' dirty

 Like the sign says . . . 

Yard sale on the 300 block of Locust


Mighty oaks being executed on the 800 block of Chestnut . . .


Work continues on the self-storage facility along Front Street . . . 


Anonymous said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Holy Trinity is a CHURCH, NOT a school! The sign is promoting the PARISH festival!What's the problem with advertising something for the community to attend?!? There will be plenty of "public" school children attending that festival! Just think how high the mills would be if there wasn't a Catholic school to educate children in Columbia and those 150 children were in the public school system! ALL the problems in this town and you choose to focus on this!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the tour...great shots!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics with great captions! Always enjoy these.

Anonymous said...

Chill out

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous. Maybe the person who said "Chill out" should "CHILL OUT".