Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Financial Workshop at Columbia Life Network Tuesday, July 11

HEARD About Town

Borough officials have enlisted the help of Hospitality Marketers International, Inc., a Wisconsin-based firm, to perform a feasibility study regarding a hotel.

Currently, Columbia has no lodging for out-of-town guests. Information gathered suggests this would be a boost for the town. Visitors to Columbia Crossing, the Northwest River Trail, Turkey Hill Experience, the Watch and Clock Museum, Historic Society, and the many antique shops may welcome the opportunity to stay overnight.

Visitors staying longer will most likely spend more than just time here.

The study will cost under $5,000 and is expected to be finalized by August.

About Town

Night light by day

 Jesus #1
(Laurel Hill)

 Jesus #2
(Laurel Hill)

 Cacti in Avenue G

 Gryphon in the grass

 A pet named "Woody" ?

 Tug o' war

 Comin' atcha!

 Biker with git-tar in tow

 Lots of rods

 Double barrel ... plus one

 Big man about town

 Reflecting on time

 The trolley's tired and is going home now.

It began January 20, 2017.

 This building just got a plaque.

 And there it is - 22 South Second.

 Anger issues?

 This building just got a sign.

 And there it is - 223 Cherry Street.

 Flags for vets at Laurel Hill for Independence Day

Citations for disorderly conduct, etc.

Today at the gazebo in Locust Street Park

Independence Day Recycling

It’s almost time for America to celebrate its independence. With this holiday, barbecues and picnics come to mind. You may not have realized that many of the items that you use when you have a barbecue or picnic are recyclable.

Many products and packaging you may use to prepare your barbecue feast are recyclable. Make sure you have a recycle bin available to dispose of these materials when the time comes. Here are some items that you should look out for when you’re at your next gathering. Just make sure they are empty and rinsed. Then they may be tossed in your single stream recycling container and placed at the curb on your next collection day!

Plastic Food Storage Containers
Condiment Containers
Plastic Beverage Containers
Bug Spray and Sun Block Bottles and Cans
Empty Charcoal Bags (Paper Bags)
Aluminum Beverage Containers
Cardboard Boxes
And Many More!

While many items such as these are recyclable, you will come across some items that are not recyclable. Please make sure that you toss these items in the trash or hold on to it separately to recycle via a drop off location.
Styrofoam Containers (Recycle via Dart Container’s Drop Off Program)
Plastic Bags (Take these back to your local grocery store)
Paper or Plastic dishware
Napkins and Paper Towels
Food Waste

Police need ID of theft suspect

On 06-26-17 the Columbia Borough Police took a report about a theft that occurred at Columbia Gold, located at 469 Locust St. It was reported that a male had taken a gold chain from the store without paying for it. This occurred at approx. 12:56PM on 06-24-17. The male is show in the picture wearing the black t-shirt. If anyone knows anything about the theft or the identity of the male in the picture they are asked to submit a tip below or contact the police department at 717-684-7735.

Case Status:

Case Type:

Source: Columbia Borough Police Department

"Catch the Fat Cat" Catfishing Tournament Aug. 19 at Columbia River Park

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Heritage Drive Project Underway

The Columbia Borough Highway Department is continuing the widening and paving of Heritage Drive, which runs parallel to Front Street - on the opposite side of the railroad tracks.

 The plan may provide an additional 40 parking spaces.

In order to qualify for liquid fuels funding, there must be two lanes.

According to the minutes of the April 18, 2017 Public Works Committee meeting, plans for the removal of brush and fencing were to be finalized at a meeting with residents on April 20. Reportedly, wrought iron fencing, similar to that enclosing the parking lot at the bottom of Locust, was chosen by residents. The fence will separate Heritage Drive from properties owned by members of the Columbia Heritage River Cottage Association, Inc.

 Will these leftover sections of track need to be removed?

 The borough should take this opportunity to pave the first block of Union Street (shown above) which has basically been neglected for decades.

Union Street joins a road leading to the borough's second, less well-known, public boat ramp.

The ramp appears to be somewhat neglected but can still be used.

Lancaster County Commissioners order police transmissions encrypted, blocking scanners for public, media

County Commissioners on Tuesday directed Lancaster County-Wide Communications to encrypt police transmissions, blocking the public — and media — from hearing what’s going on in the county.

Build a LEGO Ferris wheel at the library Tuesday morning

PPL New Meter Deployment Schedule & Materials

PPL began replacing customers' meters in the fall of 2016, and the work will continue through 2019. PPL will directly contact customers by mail and phone before replacing their meters.