Monday, May 8, 2017

Turkey Hill files for two liquor licenses

Two Turkey Hill Minit Markets with Columbia addresses have filed with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to sell alcoholic beverages. Liquor licenses from Brucekie's Pub, 401 South Second Street, and the Bella Vista Bar & Grill, 4220 Fairview Road, have been requested to be transferred to the Linden Street store (#305) and the Prospect Road store (#231), respectively. Both licenses expire February 28, 2018, according to the PLCB website. The stores are currently not licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.


Anonymous said...

Soon there will be nowhere to go have a drink and socialize with friends. All the bars are selling their license to big corporations.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Even though I do not drink,I enjoy going into establishments that serve alcohol. My family and I enjoy socializing with friends and with the smaller "guys" selling their licenses out to the convenience stores,another way of life is going away. The Sheetzes,Rutter's, and Turkey Hills will not have the enforcements like bars and restaurants have in serving visibly impaired people. This will also hurt the beer distributors.

Anonymous said...

Will Dietz's Bar be next??