Monday, May 29, 2017

Columbia fisherman pulls 3-foot eel from the Susquehanna

River eel caught Saturday at Columbia River Park
(Submitted photo)

On Saturday, Angel Rodriguez of Columbia was fishing at River Park when he noticed several short jerks on his line. As he reeled it in, he saw something different at the end - not a carp or a catfish or a bass - but a river eel, also known as an American eel.

Rodriguez estimates the eel to be about three feet long. An avid fisherman, he said he has pulled eels from the river before, so this was not a complete surprise. According to Rodriguez, eels can be cooked in butter and eaten, but he plans to use this one as cut bait to catch other fish - and possibly another eel.

Angel Rodriguez of Columbia with the river eel he caught on Saturday.
(Submitted photo)