Sunday, May 7, 2017

About Town

Recent pics . . .

 Crimson and Gold in bloom

Hey, that light cover is back.

 Well, it's not exactly the same one.  This one was fabricated out of galvanized aluminum. It's a replacement for the one that went missing a few years ago. The old one matched the building.

 More work on those self-storage units along 441, ya dig?

 Steel storm sewer cover that looks like it was made in metal shop. Does this makeshift-looking thing pass muster? Why is it the only one in town that looks like this? It's on the "forgotten" block of Union Street.

Red-eyed pigeon from Hell?

 Saturday morning bridge inspection

 This area of River Park was recently cleared in preparation for the park's Phase III.


 Don't ever park like this.

 Wait - what?!

 Four feet above normal today

New plaque at Columbia Crossing

 History lesson

 Bufflehead at River Park

 Testing the waters

 Paparazzi spotted!

The end!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Photos as always.
Love the Mayor Sign, LOL LOL.

Anonymous said...

The duck is actually a drake Goldeneye.