Tuesday, May 16, 2017

About Town

This hawk was minding his business atop a telephone pole on Maple.

 But some neighborhood birds didn't want him around.

 They buzzed and strafed him until . . .

 Outta here!

 Mark your calendar.

 Vote - the deadline is looming.

 More entries here on the 200 block of Locust

 Changing attire

 Sticker shock

 Quite a bargain

 Sign, sign . . .

 "Old school" printing

 Water-weighted petals

 On the prowl in Avenue G

 Violators will be intimidated.

 Some mice hanging around on South Third

 Big bad yellowjacket

 Vacant lot vacant a lot

 You don't see many of these nowadays.

Frying pan in a tree.
Some things in life can never be understood.

 Gallifreyan symbol on the Watch & Clock Museum frieze


 Coming up

 Open carry

Columbia in the rain


Anonymous said...

Looks like "open carry" is carrying two pizza boxes.

Eric J. White said...

California Job case....know it well.