Tuesday, May 16, 2017

About Town

This hawk was minding his business atop a telephone pole on Maple.

 But some neighborhood birds didn't want him around.

 They buzzed and strafed him until . . .

 Outta here!

 Mark your calendar.

 Vote - the deadline is looming.

 More entries here on the 200 block of Locust

 Changing attire

 Sticker shock

 Quite a bargain

 Sign, sign . . .

 "Old school" printing

 Water-weighted petals

 On the prowl in Avenue G

 Violators will be intimidated.

 Some mice hanging around on South Third

 Big bad yellowjacket

 Vacant lot vacant a lot

 You don't see many of these nowadays.

Frying pan in a tree.
Some things in life can never be understood.

 Gallifreyan symbol on the Watch & Clock Museum frieze


 Coming up

 Open carry

Columbia in the rain


  1. Looks like "open carry" is carrying two pizza boxes.

  2. California Job case....know it well.