Friday, April 14, 2017

Which brochure is which?

The brochure shown on the left was mailed recently to Columbia residents. The one on the right was created by the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and is available at various locations in the borough.

Due to confusion regarding the new "Historic Columbia" brochure that residents received in the mail recently, Columbia Spy spoke with a representative of the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber did not create the new brochure (shown above left). Their brochure (right) is aimed at visitors and is not mailed to residents.

Columbia Spy also contacted the borough manager and passed on complaints received directly from residents. Some residents said the list of businesses and map in the new brochure were incomplete.


Anonymous said...

I looked at it. The little informational articles in it appear to have been written by a second-grader. They were pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Should be one brochure and should contain complete information. I thought a few years ago the CEDC had a public meeting to get everyone on the same page and not duplicating efforts. Guess that worked as well as the boro not owning properties such as McGinness and the fire house to name a few.

Anonymous said...

doesn't anyone proof read anymore???? the Boro doesn't know what businesses are in town when the health officer inspects most???? something is VERY wrong here. and they forgot 2 HISTORIC OLDEST BUSINESSES....HINKLES AND STOVERS. WTH?

Anonymous said...

And Taco's To Go! Maybe they got a beef against the busiest downtown businesses.

Anonymous said...

Silly people!
Don't you know things don't change. You live in Columbia and they do things a little differently.
There is a few things that they do well: Not Communicate well or at all with other organization, Don't play well with other unless it benefits them, They are only concerned with things when it effects their interest, spend money, They sure know how to "coach a team from the recliner or a coffee stool". Think it's time to start looking for new digs that have This place is crazy and dysfunctional.