Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Video blasts property tax increases - officials are stunned

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Brian Long said...

Boy is this a prime example of "fake news" - developed by faceless, nameless rogue facebook terrorists! Who are the "Lancaster Property Owners Fed Up?" Nobody knows because nobody has the balls to identify who the terrorists are.

At a minimum, the folks who commissioned the video ought to learn the pronunciation of names.

Disclosure is everything.

Anonymous said...

Fake news? Are you kidding me? It is spot on and I don't care who made the video. Homeowners are absolutely under attack. How does my property value double when it is in Columbia? I'd be lucky to get the value before it was doubled if I tried to sell it. Just so you know, my name is Elaine Beckley

Anonymous said...

Excellent video. We have paid at least $120,000 in property taxes over the past few decades. That's an obscene amount of money for a borough that graduates under 100 students a year and has no school bus system to transport students. I for one am ready for change. How many of the top-ranking graduates are staying in Columbia to contribute taxes and help the borough?