Sunday, April 9, 2017

No agenda available but here's a photo instead

No draft agenda for Monday's borough council meeting is currently available from the the borough's website, so we've instead published the above photo of some of Columbia's lush greenery.


  1. No Agenda.... Really? How about you take the time to talk about the 7 (long term) stand holders that have left the Market House within the last 2 months.... What drove them out? Why did they leave? The Borough needs to take responsibility for the lack of communication, lack of direction, lack of consistency, and lack of management...
    Since you have taken over from the Trust, you have provided no direction or business plan for the Market... You created another layer by adding a sub committee to oversee the Market, however little has been done to drive traffic. The Borough sent out a survey a few months ago to see what residents thought of the market and what they would like to see happen... Your survey was a total of 56 people? Not much of a usable sample if you ask me, and what did you really gather from the survey, what did it really tell you and can you use it to make the Market a success?

    Lets not kid ourselves here, the Borough has no interest in seeing the Market succeed, it clearly has another agenda for that space, and I can only image who may benefit from that agenda....

    Shame on you for taking a historic landmark and doing nothing but give lip service to the community and the people who try and offer goods to your community....

    1. I have to agree with post above. The Market House has not moved foward since the transition from previous management. There was hope that with the change there would be improvements. The only thing that has been improved is the RFQEI and the interests of others not the interest of the community nor one of its historic landmarks.
      When taking on this responsibility of running market there should have been some kind of plans in place on how to run and make the market house a gem of the town and of Lancaster County. Shame on council for not putting more of an effort into making this market this time around. All you chose to do let the market just run as normally except when you chose change the hours and days of operation once again without gathering data from ALL STANDHOLDERS and not even consulting with the Market House Advisory Committee. Shame, shame,shame on you! The only real thing that you have done is interfered with revenue of the Stand Holders and confused the community with your inconsistencies and no foresight of the future for market except to have someone come in and take it over and get it out of your hair with no regard for those Standholder who have stuck it out to make market something.
      As it looks now the borough is doing or not doing things so market fails and that the blame of failure is not point in the of you.
      If your agenda is to do something more with the market other then have a farmers market then be transparent and forth right in your action so the StandHolders can make appropriate arrangements for their businesses.You are messing with their income and lives by stringing people along.
      Can't run or manage a business or entities from a back room or off locations. Effort should be made to see how a place live and breathes and to see what needs to be corrected. Right now the problem is management and communication.
      Shame the Columbia Market House can be a farmers market as advertised and what most hope to see when they visit. All they get is a food court with hand crafted products. Big Fail for you for not making market a place to get fresh produce, meat, cheese, and other products for the community year round!
      Might want to take a look inside and see your hand work. You are doing a fine job of doing nothing...

  2. So I wonder, what ARE the intentions of the Borough for this pictured property?

    Can only imagine with the big spenders who are accountable to nobody. Maybe they'll bring the laptops to the meeting, that the taxpayers paid for?

  3. Hope the borough has a better plan for their newly acquired property than the plan for the market house.

  4. Down, down, down we go!