Thursday, April 13, 2017

More on the McGinness Airfield sale

The following information on the pending sale of the McGinness Airfield, 1020 Manor Street, has been provided by the Columbia Borough Office.

The 33-page report can be accessed HERE.

The complete Agreement of Sale can be accessed HERE.


Anonymous said...

Why bring all this out now?? This should have been up to the tax payers of this town to buy the land!! All this is after the FACTS of the council already had their hands up for the go ahead for this land! Once again, they who have the gold shall make ALL the rules!!

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's those who have "access to others' gold" that have the gold.

Anonymous said...

Why was this deal done behind closed doors it should have been done at a public meeting but we know that is how this council does things when they bankrup the town only then will they be happy and that time is coming real soon

Michael McBride said...

Just another park or flea market thats what this town coming too
They don't know how to save money
that why they have the homeowners

Anonymous said...

The assessment price is 400,300 yet the asking price is over a million. I have found memories out there. We used to roller skate out there and they even had the adjustable medal skates with the key's. They had the lights on the inside and organ music. Then later when I was growing up I'd ride my horse back through the woods and later held special rituals back there especially on full moons and Sabbats. Many kids swam in the little quarry and had such an amazing time. The raspberries were free for the picking and boy they were so good. I hope who ever buys it will keep it as it is. I'd see deer out there and many other forms of wildlife. It would be a shame to put houses there or other structures. It would just ruin what nature put there and what Columbia was partially known for.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine Act... When will this be investigated?

Anonymous said...

Why would you pay listing price per acre? Who negotiated this deal? Just like they paid asking price on the Trolley.

Checked out the meeting minutes for Property Committee and nothing was discussed. This group, AKA Market House Trust, are known to hide things from the public. Maybe Kelly Murphy should have his Councilors read the PA Borough Council handbook at, and learn that the public has the right for transparency.

What meetings were held in private?
Who attended these meetings?
What date & time were the meetings held?
Why was the agenda held until Monday?
Who also attended the meeting on the River Park land deal?
Why was this land deal never discussed prior to approval?
Would any Borough Councilor like to explain these deals?

Explain your actions!

Anonymous said...

I think the airport should be utilized again. the government probably spends big dollars for that.....

MAD AS HELL said...

Jeff Seibert is the realator are you surprised