Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday fire at 2nd & Walnut

Multiple units responded to a one-alarm fire at 200 Walnut Street today just before 6 p.m. The fire was quickly knocked down.

According to the Columbia Fire Department Station 80 Facebook page:
Columbia Borough Fire Department Station 80 and mutual aid departments where dispatched to the area of Walnut and North 2nd street around 6pm. Caller reporting smoke filling the upstairs. Crews arrived to find fire in the attic area of a home at the end of a row. Command requested working fire assignment and crews went to work to knock the fire down. I believe the fire was contained to the attic area. Correct me if we are wrong please.

Columbia Borough Fire Department Station 80 was assisted by crews from Wrightsville Fire & Rescue Company 41, Fire Department Mount Joy, West Hempfield Fire/Rescue, Maytown-East Donegal Township Fire Department, Pioneer Fire Company No. 1 Marietta, PA., Rohrerstown Fire Company, Mountville Fire Company No. 1, Susquehanna Valley EMS and fire police from Columbia and Marietta.

Photos below: Angel Rodriguez


  1. WOW it seams CBFD get a lot of out of town help. Maybe one department isn't enough. Especially when wrightsville gets there first. I can't be the only one that sees this.....

    1. Maybe you should get off the computer and join the fire company since you don't approve the job they do.

    2. Depending on the call, multiple departments are dispatched. Since most of the fire companies in this area are VOLUNTEER, arrival times and availability are dependent on multiple factors. There are times when CBFD is first, there are times when they are not. Same as when they get called to help in West Hempfield. Try talking to a fire fighter or better yet go VOLUNTEER before you criticize those that do. Sounds like you have time to monitor arrival times but don't want to help.....

  2. Now codes needs to inspect that rental unit.
    I drive past daily and notice the trash accumulated on the porch.
    Including last year's Christmas Tree.

  3. It was a holiday and Wrightsville is closer with a non stop route. Sounds like a person that could not make the cut is commenting from behind the keyboard.

  4. Well they should get there first when they only have to travel the distance of the bridge, which is a straight shot and no traffic signs or lights to go through. I'm sure that's why they assist on the fire calls, because they are close. The box alarms appear to still be the same and the crews work much better together than in the past from what I see. I think they're doing a great job. Keep up the great work CBFD!

  5. Be thankful we have a very efficient fire department. For all the calls they handle every year and be volunteers, they do an outstanding job.

  6. Any row home fire can and will spread quickly hence the reason for multiple departments. Try talking to a fire fighter and they will tell you. Or try utube plenty of videos about how fast a fire will spread.
    Be thankful there are volunteers willing to give their time on a holiday or otherwise to ensure your safety.

  7. CBFD is one of the most aggressive fire departments in the area. As mentioned by others this is was a very easy location for Wrightsville to arrive first. It's easy to be a critic, and the same critic would be bitching if Wrightsville wasn't there and a resident was hanging out the second floor window trapped. CBFD takes great pride in the service they provide to the residents of Columbia Borough and surrounding areas and they do it well. Regardlless of who arrived first the goals were met, the fire did not spread and no one was killed or injuried.

    Chad Livelsberger (Chief 41)

  8. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you to each and every volunteer firefighter with CBFD!!!!! We DO appreciate all you do to keep us safe yet risk your own injuries. THANK YOU

  9. Douglas J. KemmerlyApril 20, 2017 at 8:58 PM

    Though I usually do not reply back to computer key board quarter-backs that critique what everyone does in this world, I felt compelled to on this topic. The comment that was posted about the Columbia Borough Fire Department (CBFD) is getting a lot of help on our incidents and Wrightsville Fire Department (WFD) getting there first. I would like to educate everyone that reads this site on the decisions that were made on why other units were on our alarms. The sole reason is LIFE SAFETY! Could CBFD handled the incident on Easter day ourselves, the answer is yes. But in a profession where seconds count, I like knowing that a single volunteer fire department is receiving mutual aid from another community. See our department is 100% volunteer and being volunteer NEVER guarantees we will have firefighters. Having other departments on first alarm fires give redundancies to ensure a fire department arrives to an emergency for the LIFE SAFETY of our citizens. The decision to have mutual aid departments on our first alarms was an easy decision, I sat down and thought to myself…..what would I want for my own family? If my daughter was trapped in her bedroom do I care who the fire truck came from, NO! Do I care what color the fire truck was, NO! Do I care who the men and woman are saving my daughter, NO! The simple answer is I want someone to save my family, my home, my possessions and I don’t care who it is! If that is what I wanted for my family, then it should be good enough for every other family and citizen in Columbia. In a job of uncertainty we don’t know if the next fire will be a stove fire or a row of four homes burning, we don’t know if everyone is out or a family of three will be trapped taking their last breaths. We must plan for the worst case scenario and adjust accordingly. WFD arrived first at this fire and for that, thank you! I am sure the next fire WFD has, we will be helping our neighbors and maybe CBFD will be the guys helping that family of 3 which is taking their last breath! I invite anyone who has the time and desire to become a firefighter to please join our cause and make our community a little safer. More volunteer firefighters we have the less likely no one will show up to the next emergency. For an application please visit our website: To educate yourself on what we do each month with 100% volunteers please read our monthly fire report:

    To everyone that complemented the CBFD, thank you! You will never understand how far a thank you goes to our members! If you have questions please feel free to call my office number, leave a message and I will return your call.

    Douglas J. Kemmerly
    Fire Chief
    Columbia Borough Fire Department